Head Heart and Hands - Psychotherapy~Play Therapy~Expressive Therapy~Sandtray Therapy

Expressive Therapies: Music, Art, Clay, Sand Tray Therapy, Symbol Work, Body Movement
While in traditional talk therapies people talk through their problems, in expressive therapies people can work through their problems at their own pace in a non-directive approach using creative approaches such as music, art, clay, symbol work, sand tray or body movement. In this way the therapist can also adapt to a client's needs and ways of relating whether it be in a more tactile or visual way.
Additionally some people may not feel comfortable expressing themselves through language in general or in relation to specific events or memories. Other times it may be too difficult or traumatising to talk about issues; or it may not even be available to our conscious mind and memory. In these instances expressive therapy can be a safe way to explore oneself and problems. Some clients also prefer to integrate talk therapy with expressive therapy as they need or want. Expressive therapies are similar to play therapy in some aspects; however the creative tools are used in different ways with adults or older teenagers than with children.
 Expressive Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Psychotherapy
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